Sommarskuggan 2.0

Sommarskuggan is a very well known and popular character seen in several children’s TV shows that airs on SVT in Sweden.

SVT needed a second Sommarskuggan costume that would tour around the country on different events.

The making of this second Sommarskuggan costume was a close collaboration between me and Kajsa Tosting, head costume designer at SVT as well as the creator of the original Sommarskuggan costume.

My parts of the creation were as follows:

Construction and shaping of the entire inside structure, making of the eyes and mouth, and overall sewing assistance.

Production time: Winter 2019 – 2020

Left: The original Sommarskuggan costume ready for measuring. Right: Initial construction of the head has begun. I used nylon yarn and crinoline steel boning.
Left: Temporary cotton bands were used to keep the right distance between the growing web of steel boning and to get the right shape. Right: Inner structure of the head is completed and reinforced with hand sesn facric canals and perforated steel band.
Left: Inside of the head once costume designer Kajsa Tosting added fabric “skin”. Right: Inside after installment of the tecnichs for camera viewing by the bearer.
Left: Sommarskuggan’s facial features ready to be applied. I used clear epoxy resin for the eyeballs and painted them from the inside for a more eye-like effect. The mouth is made of foam, acrylics, and tulle. Right: A close encounter with the new Sommarskuggan.
Left: Giving the new Sommarskuggan costume a big hug after its completion. Right: First fitting. According to the bearer, the airy construction of the new Sommarskuggan costume made it very easy and light to wear.
The new Sommarskuggan is greeting big little fans at one of its first events. Picture borrowed from