Saibo 3.0

Saibo is a popular children’s TV show that takes place in the “real world” as well as inside of a computer game. For the third season I was comissioned to make a lot of props and costume design work in collaboration with the head costume designer.

Gadget goggles and tube for Maskinistens/The Machinist’s hat.
Maskinisten/The Machinist.

Production time: March – May 2020

The show airs in the autumn 2020 on SVT, Sweden’s national public television.

Leg bag and gadget arm for Vägvisaren/The Guide. Shoulder bag and boot shafts for Alex.

Materials: Everything you can think of, and more. Ask me if you’re interested in specifics.

For Zet (the Innkeeper): Corset top, hat ornaments, mask, hip bag, and jewelry.

Techniques: Hand- and machine sewing, hand construction, glueing, patination, distressing, dyeing, decoration, and more.

Upcycled, distressed, ornamented, and patinated mask and harness for Vaktchefen/The Guard’s Mistress.
Evil symbol for Guards’ masks.
Distressed, patinated, and dyed scarves, dresses, gloves, and skirts, hand-sewn and knitted, for the Slaves.

Photos are taken by me, by my colleagues, or are screenshots from the finished show (Sveriges Television/SVT).

Teiko, Alex and Vägvisaren/The Guide.