Musikhjälpen 2019

For Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) 2019 I had the great honor to be the “in-house artist”.

I created six art dioramas, each one illustrating a different challenge that is taken on by guests on the show. The guest chooses and performs their challenge to raise as much money as possible for this year’s cause: “Sex Is Not a Weapon”. More info further down. Here’s a link to a video of when the six dioramas and challenges were introduced.

All six dioramas were auctioned off after the show had ended, and the profit went straight to the charity cause.

The six dioramas

01: Ring en vän / Call a friend

02: Chilibössan / The chili collection box

03: Superselfien / The super selfie

04: Torgskramlaren / The town square raiser

05: Måla en tavla / Paint a picture

06: Vicka i luckan / Temp at the slot

Dioramas info

Material: Mixed media.

Size of boxes: Height 26 cm, depth 26 cm, width 46 cm.

Created: November 8–28, 2019.

Below: The wall with the six cabinet doors inside the studio on the town square in Västerås, Sweden.

More about Musikhjälpen

Each year since 2008, Musikhjälpen gathers thousands of ordinary people, musicians, celebrities, artists, and others to raise as much money as possible to help an important cause. This year’s theme – “Sex Is Not a Weapon” – takes a stand against sexual violence. All the money raised will go towards helping victims get the help they need, raise awareness of sexual crimes, work with prevention, and breaking stigmas.

Musikhjälpen official website