Xenia (The mouldy witch)

Commission work for SVT, Sweden’s national public service TV.

Shows: Sommarskuggan, Sommarlov (spring/summer 2021). Character: Xenia, the mouldy witch (Xenia, den mögliga trollpackan).

Production time: January, 2021.

Materials: Latex, synthetic sponge, dyed foam crumbles.

Screenshot from Sommarskuggan, SVT.
Screenshots from Sommarskuggan, SVT.
Left: A summary of all 40 pieces of my prostethics for the make-up artists’ convenience. Right: A first make-up and mask test/fitting on the actor.
Making “mould clusters”.
Screenshot by SVT.

I also jumped in as a costume assistant, sewing the faux fur collar and distressing/adding patina to the coat.

Screenshot by SVT.
Screenshot by SVT.