Props for Robins

Robins is a talkshow hosted by Robin Paulsson featuring guests and mixed with comedic sketches and games. For the 2019 season of Robins I made a handful of random things.

60 traffic cones

Some 60 miniature traffic cones for a remote controlled car game. Made of paper, glue, lead weights and paint.

60 mini traffic cones.

Big sign: Kändis (Celebrity)

Big sign with the word Kändis in patinated 3D letters, blinking lights, and a pointing arrow for a sketch. Aprox. 150 cm wide. Made of MDF, paint, foamboard, and wood.

Making of big sign.
Screenshots from Robins/SVT.

Two British foot soldier hats

Bearskin hats with chinstraps for an in-show game. Made of thermal foam, bubble wrap, glue, faux fur, elastic band, golden ribbon, and a recycled metal necklace.

Hats in the workshop, during shoot, and from SVT screenshots.